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A Technological breakthrough in creating powerful, human-like Digital Assistants

Through the combination of inductive and deductive reasoning, CIRA mirrors how the human brain is wired to think and interact.


Built on the idea that interpretation of a conversation requires enhanced context, knowledge and pattern recognition, CIRA’s unique multi-agent architecture strives to generate near human responses to complex questions that we take for granted in our everyday conversations. 


Inference Driven

Human-like response

Inductive vs Deductive a Comparative 

Joan Smith wants to invest in a 401K plan:

Data Driven

Joan has 25K saved in her account and saves

1K per month

Patterns based

Joan has invested in equities the past


Joan last purchased a traditional tech stock

Outcome Driven Towards Intent

Monthly purchase of Tech Heavy Mutual Funds or Tech stockinet 401K Account

Fact/Policy based

401K plans are retirement acts and the retirement catch up is an extra 15K

Logic based

401K's should be balanced to cash flow needs


Joan is 60 years old with desired retirement in 7 years

Outcome Driven by Context/Industry Knowledge

Invest 15K in 401 Account, setup periodic monthly investment, focus on liquid assets for near term liquidity

More Powerful When Combined

CogniCor Leverages Inductive and Deductive Outcome

Invest 15K as catchup from Savings, Setup periodic monthly 1K into 401K, Buy 60% equites (IMB, A etc dividend paying off recommended list), 40% UST to maintain liquidity. 

Our 5-Step Deployment Process

Step 1

Cognitive Knowledge Graphs

CogniCor’s Cognitive knowledge graphs encode a model of expert knowledge of every domain within a context. This gives CogniCor Digital Assistants a semantic understanding of the context and helps them to respond to complex queries.

Step 2

An Industry-First Breakthrough in Knowledge Ingestion

Is your enterprise data in documents, portals and pdfs? Don´t worry. CogniCor’s revolutionary patent-pending technology allows Digital Assistants to ingest enterprise data from a large variety (90%) of enterprise data sources, including documents and portals. 

Step 3

Deep Learning

User interests and concerns around your products evolve over time and chatbots need to adapt accordingly. Our Digital Assistants continuously learn from user behavior and fine tune their responses  Trained with over 4 Million+ automated interactions, CogniCor Digital Assistants can engage and assist customers in financial, insurance and IT help desk verticals. 

Step 4

Testing and Fine-tuning

Being an open platform, it is very challenging to test and optimize Digital Assistants. CogniCor has developed a proven methodology involving the right mix of automation and control. CogniCor's Digital Assistants can be quickly taught to adapt to specific user groups and cultures. Experts can train the Digital Assistants in an accelerated mode to launch the Digital Assistants with precision accuracy

Step 5

Continuous Evolution

At CogniCor, we understand that deploying an AI system is not like deploying other software solutions and is only the first step in the process. CogniCor’s Digital Assistants learn and adapt based on user behavior and thousands of user conversations.

Use Our Platform to Drive Your Digital Assistant Journey


Proven 30 day deployment

An Enterprise-Ready Cognitive Platform

Synthesized Responses

Product Suggestion

Learning from Enterprise Data

Solution Recommendations

Embedded  Micro-actions







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