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CIRA is the enterprise platform for deploying and managing Digital Assistants to drive client engagement and business efficiency.

CIRA is a patent-pending DIY platform that enables enterprise users to launch intelligent Digital Assistants in weeks without writing a single line of code.  CIRA is designed for the needs of Wealth Management advisors so they can respond to their clients more efficiently and effectively, CIRA is becoming a first choice Digital Assistant that is positively affecting the bottom line by improving efficiency up to 40%.

Built from CogniCor’s wealth management and fintech domain understanding and trained with 200,000+ enterprise documents, CIRA offers an intuitive way to build AI-powered Digital Assistants by choosing from pre-built templates to be enhanced with digitally ingested enterprise knowledge libraries.


Harness Your Enterprise Knowledge and Power Unique Digital Assistants to Get Things Done.

Transform your company documents and information into unique cognitive Digital Assistants that understand your business. Our Digital Assistants learn about your products and services directly from your existing enterprise documents and communicate that knowledge to your customers.

Key Features

Interactive GUI

Building a Digital Assistants may sound daunting but not with CIRA. With our interactive UI, one may create enterprise-level Digital Assistants with ease.

Pre-built Templates

Start building the Digital Assistants by choosing from pre-built templates that contain pre-loaded intents with domain knowledge.

Reuse Enterprise Documents

Put your enterprise document to best use. It is both quick and easy way to reuse enterprise knowledge and configure the Digital Assistant.

Team Collaboration

Enable multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously by creating  multiple Digital Assistants in parallel and reusing components.

Build Workflows

Design comprehensive workflows to streamline and automate processes for clients to  perform in-chat actions



Knowledge Management

Controlling knowledge is no longer a tricky affair. Easily manage knowledge through hierarchical knowledge trees and version control.

Build Your  AI-Powered Digital Assistant


Deploy your Digital Assistant in minutes not months.

Immediate Deployment with CIRA

CIRA is DIY simplicity. You can build Digital Assistants from enterprise documents, manuals & written policies through a unique method of document ingestion that automatically creates intents and educates your Digital Assistants. The CogniCor solution doesn’t require time consuming written code. With pre-built templates and your existing documents, you’re ready in minutes.

Across Customer Journeys

Digital Assistants understand context and help users meet the goal of the conversation. This cognitive capability is indispensable when guiding customers from simple self-service journeys to complex journeys that require human intervention.

Scale to the needs of your business 

Add capabilities such as sentiment analysis or user profiling to one or more Digital Assistants without affecting other aspects of your Digital Assistants or disrupting existing workflows. You can test new features and improve the intelligence of your Digital Assistant over time.


The CIRA Process - Cutting Edge in Simplicity













One Platform for Every Aspect of Your Organization

Provide a consistent brand experience to your Wealth Management clients across a variety of channels, devices and languages.

Reuse developed components across projects

Leverage existing enterprise documents

Easily customize intents and small talk nuances

Customizable GUI

Reduce time to PoC and build Digital Assistants faster

Import existing Digital Assistants and maintain them in CIRA

Start Your Conversational AI Journey with CogniCor today!

Supported Integrations

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Recognized by the Industry as a Leading AI Platform


Trusted by Leading Fortune 500 Companies

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