Making your website

work for you

CogniCor's SmartBot is a potent and cost-effective tool that helps you to accomplish your business goals. It makes your business website more effective, thanks to the power of automation.

What is SmartBot

SmartBot is an automated website chatbot that transforms your website into a 24/7 customer support and enquiry management channel.

Conversational, Cool & Consistent

SmartBot automates your customer support. It answers all the critical product and service-related queries accurately and efficiently so that each time a customer asks a question he is given a consistent and error-free response. 


SmartBot can help you in managing every new enquiry with the care it deserves. It helps you to convert your website traffic into leads.

A smarter way to

engage your customers

SmartBot can transform your website into an effective channel for first-level 24/7 customer support. Customers expect speedy resolutions. Your customer service efficiency has a direct impact on the bottom line because a happy customer is more likely to:


  1. Spend more money

  2. Stick on to your brand

Make every website

visitor count

SmartBot supplements your lead generation efforts by helping you generate more enquiries and sales by capturing customer information by conversing with your prospects in natural language. 


Easy to set up and implement, It offers you instant ROI.

Make your customer service


Humans are prone to making mistakes while a chatbot is not. This might happen while communicating product or pricing information to the customers. But Smartbot on the other hand is designed to deliver accurate and consistent answers all the time.

Serve more, Save more

Smartbot can handle a large volume of chats simultaneously. So if you are looking to scale up your customer service without shelling out money on training and infrastructure, Smartbot is the right choice for you.

Accelerate growth

Built exclusively for small and medium sized businesses, Smartbot offers you the power of automation to propel your business to the next level. Smartbot offers you flexible packages so that you can choose the one that fits your needs best.  Easy to set up and deploy, Smartbot requires zero training and can start delivering you results instantly.

Ready for Action?

Want to know more about how Smartbot works or how it brings business results?

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