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How Learning Platforms Accelerate Financial Advisor's Adoption of Digital Tools - WSR Report

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

For your average advisor, staying current with technology these days can be like drinking from the proverbial firehose. Independent wealth management firms are taking action to address this need by investing more heavily in technology learning centers that break down how financial advisors can access all the various digital tools they offer.

Recently Wealth Solutions Report published a study into this problem, where they interviewed Dr. Sindhu Joseph, Co-Founder and CEO of CogniCor.

Joseph emphasizes “continuous learning, as opposed to training as a one-off activity when an advisor joins the firm.” To enable continuous learning, Joseph suggests integrating learning solutions into the advisor’s desktop.

Joseph also suggests gamifying the learning system and rewarding the learner as their knowledge level increases, noting that these methods increase user adoption.

Finally, Joseph states that the learning platform should present data so that managers can analyze it. “This data should provide meaningful insights so that they can make decisions.”

Joseph notes that when combined with artificial intelligence automation enables knowledge delivery at the point of engagement, for example, delivering responses to an advisor’s questions directly rather than the inefficient traditional method of asking a supervisor.

Read more at Wealth Solutions Report website here.

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