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CogniCor named among the IDC innovators in conversational AI platforms

International Data Center (IDC), a global Marketing Intelligence firm, named CogniCor as one of the top five innovators in the Conversational AI market in its recently released IDC Innovators report. Chosen by an IDC analyst within a specific industry, the report features vendors that offer an innovative new technology, a groundbreaking approach to an existing challenge or a novel business model.

“It’s a great feeling when your work gets recognized. Now the onus is on us to keep the spirit of innovation going and encounter more daring business challenges,” said Ms. Sindhu Joseph, Chief Executive Officer, CogniCor Technologies. “Since inception, we have been trying to solve the nagging complexities of the customer-brand engagements by leveraging cognitive technologies. This achievement is a reassurance that we are on the right path. Moreover, it reminds us of our inexorable commitments to businesses and customers.”

CogniCor uses cognitive knowledge graphs to encode a model of expert knowledge of every domain within a context to create chatbots with a semantic understanding of the context and the ability to respond to complex queries. Among the five vendors to have featured in the list, IDC identifies CogniCor as the most innovative.

Conversational AI platforms are used to build applications that answer queries and provide recommendations or advice using NLP and cognitive technologies.

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