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CogniCor team @Money20/20 in partnership with Discover Financial

If your business has anything to do financial services, the place to be during last week was @Las Vegas. With more than 11,000 attendees and 4,500 companies, Money20/20 is one of the leading platforms where the future of money was discussed and hotly debated.

The best way to summarize the week was the visionary quote from Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates way back in 1994 "Banking is necessary, banks are not". Product differentiation is non existent and the only way to build sustainability and success is to provide differentiated customer experience. As expected, Artificial Intelligence was the technology of choice to provide this differentiating edge.

This meant taking centre stage for companies like CogniCor, products like Samsung's Bixby. In partnership with Discover financial, CogniCor had a high visibility platform.

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