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Meeting Assistant


Advisors typically spend 8 hours per week in meetings and 11+ hours on post-meeting actions. With AI-assisted meeting scheduling, smart agenda preparation, meeting notes capture, and post-meeting case creation all integrated into your CRM provider of choice, Salesforce, Redtail, or Dynamics, CogniCor's AI-powered Meeting Assistant takes the pain out of client review meetings.

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Meet us @ Tech Alley Kiosk No. 1317-26

Can't make it to Denver? We have rolling virtual demos on Fridays! Register here!


Rajesh Sharma

Chief Customer Experience Officer

Rajesh  is an accomplished hands-on financial technology and business leader. He brings over 25 years of experience in financial services, having held senior leadership roles at LPL Financial, Wells Fargo, Merrill and Citi Bank.


Sindhu Joseph, Ph.D

Founder and CEO

Sindhu holds a Ph.D. in AI and co-authored 6 US patents in machine learning and NLP and is the author of several leading journal publications in AI. Sindhu’s deep knowledge of industrial AI has driven the vision for CogniCor’s platform.


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