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The Product Discovery Customer Journey

Today's online clients need choice. However, choice also creates a challenge when it comes to selecting products that the user wants from the many choices available. A CIRA Digital Assistant thinks in the user's context and makes the selection journey a bidirectional conversational experience

Make Banking Easy

Move qualified prospects to customer service representatives and help your clients better manage their finance. Digital Assistants can help your clients manage accounts, access balances, make transactions and provide relevant products and services..

Satisfying the Demand for Digital Assistants

Simplify Insurance with Conversational Coverage

Digital Assistants de-mystify insurance information for customers and enhance your insurance agents’performance by providing underwriting recommendations, assisting in onboarding and more.


IT Help-Desk

Transform the enterprise IT help-desk by serving as first-level support and providing self-service for query resolution, troubleshooting, ticket tracking, ordering, status checking, new software training and more.

Improve Employee Engagement

Digital Assistants are team players in human resources. They make it easier for employees to manage their own development, health benefits, vacations and leave by providing immediate answers. 


Accelerate Productivity of Financial Advisors

Support your financial advisors by providing immediate answers to complex questions and automating routine tasks such as on-boarding and simple form completion. They can maximize their time and better manage portfolios as they deliver better experiences for investors and drive growth.

Typical Banking Product Discovery Journeys

  • Credit Card Selection for Retail Banks

  • Mortgage recommendation for banks and lending institutions 

  • Insurance policy selection for banks and insurance companies

The Lead Generation Customer Journey

Convert millions of visitors to your website, 

into prospects and customers by engaging

in rich personalized dialogue

Insurane Lead Generation Journey

Typical Insurance Lead Generation Journeys

  • US Life Insurance underwriting support Asia-Pacific Insurance claim policy support India Insurance sales and purchase flows.

Policy Sales and Renewal

Customer Support and Service Journeys

Be ready to serve your customers 24 x 7 and help them self diagnose and solve their issues with personalized Digital Assistants that understand their context.

IT support journey

Typical IT Support Journeys

  • Company specific Microsoft product support

  • Hardware troubleshooting support 

  • New Software usage support.​

Agent Training and Onboarding

Boost your agent productivity and make all agents professionals from the start with real time access to new hires' frequently asked questions and answers

Agent Assistance Journey

Typical Agent Assistance


  • Explain company policies

  • Change management related queries

  • Customer specific queries answered

Accelerated Underwriting Support

Digital Finance Coach that works on your bank statements and  provides targeted suggestions.

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