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NVIDIA, the top GPU maker selects CogniCor for Global Technology Congress Startup showcase competition. The event, held in San Jose, saw top emerging AI companies around the world competing for the top spot. CogniCor was one of the finalists who received great praise from the judges and the attendees for the ground breaking advances in using artificial intelligence and high performance computing.

CogniCor featured in WIRED magazine printed edition as one of the hottest startups from Europe. "Every startup believes they have to create software first, focusing on the internet of things and mobile big data," Pommerening says. "Local startups need to be aware that English is at the heart of company culture, otherwise they'll just stay local." 

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What does an award from the European Union—as 2012′s best startup in Europe—do for the winner?

Sindhu Joseph, CEO of CogniCor Technologies S.L., a service that automatically handles natural-language Web-based customer complaints (people write their complaint in a form in plain language—the service can read, understand and respond to it all without the need for human intervention) was rather too modest when she was presente...

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