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AI Assistant for Wealth Management Productivity

Provide investors with best-in-class service using Digital Assistants

designed for Wealth Management

CogniCor AI Assistant

The Intelligent Business Automation Platform that Enables Businesses Drive Efficiencies in Sales and Service.

Designed for Wealth Management
Turn-Key Digital Assistants
Powered by Work Flows

 Top 3 Priorities of Financial Services Companies

Reducing Call Volume: Provides in-context digital assistance on your platform so that clients don't have to call


• Accurate, Compliant and Consistent Responses: Curated and peer reviewed knowledge generated from single source of truth


• Elating In-Call Experience: When your clients have to call, your staff can use Digital Assistant’s support to respond faster and maximize the call value by suggesting next best actions

CogniCor's CIRA Digital Assistants, will deliver against these expectations, in addition to automating day-to-day tasks that can be automated, so you can focus on building relationships and strengthening portfolios.


The Business Support Platform Chosen by Thought Leaders in Innovation

Tim Hodge LPL

"Investing early on in transformative technologies such as CogniCor's CIRA platform allowed LPL to create a digital knowledge platform replicating the experience of some of our most experienced service agents, enabling us to scale and respond to our advisors better amidst the recent COVID-19 crisis.  We are looking forward to furthering automation and channel flexibility for advisors using CogniCor’s conversational AI platform."

Tim Hodge,

Former Executive Vice President, 

Service, Trading and Operations,

LPL Financial

Accelerating advisor productivity

Faster Client onboarding and Smart Agent connection. 

CIRA’s onboarding conversational self-service journeys provide in-context query answering, account setup and account transfer support as well as service request automation and next best action recommendations that are personalized to your client.

When live support is required, CIRA can connect to the most optimal live support agents based on the business policy and nature of support needed for a seamless handover.

Lead Generation

Engage with prospects by answering questions. This will drive the sales conversation while qualifying the lead and setting up an appointment with the sales experts. Don’t miss a lead, even during non-office hours. Analyze the lead interactions and make critical business decision in sales and marketing positioning.

Provide a consistent experience across whole user journeys, not just touch points:

Onboard Customers, Agents and Employees
Transact Without Leaving the Chat Window
Resolve Complaints Quickly
Initiate Distributions/Contributions
Create and Manage Tickets
Connect with Human Agents
Gather Feedback in Real Time
Automate Manual Tasks

AI has been split between Observation and Experimentation


Inductive Reasoning has driven the observational side with its focus on data and patterns.


This makes it heavily scripted, intent focused and limited in its ability to handle complex scenarios. It is focused on channels, not human interactions and Inductive Platforms are expensive to maintain. Most AI engines available are based on Inductive Reasoning which leaves them too limited to serve today's customer.

The experimentation path is led by Deductive Reasoning.


Responses are synthesized following a data and logic-driven path that is focused by a combination of context, business knowledge and experimental observations. Result? A quantum leap in response accuracy and authenticity that strives to approach human-level responses.

Data Driven

 Answers only simple questions 

Script Driven

Expensive to maintain

Combining Inductive and Deductive Reasoning, CIRA mirrors how the human brain is wired to think and interact.


Built on the idea that interpretation of a conversation requires enhanced context, knowledge and pattern recognition, CIRA’s unique multi-agent architecture strives to generate near human responses to complex questions that we take for granted in our everyday conversations. 


Inference Driven

Human-like response

AI Digital Assistant for finance

Simulating real-world understanding of human language is only the first step.

CIRA Digital Assistants can generate thoughtful, unscripted responses on the fly. They absorb data from interactions, to then reason and predict to enhance services.

Discover Needs and Insights

Digital Assistants have perfect memory and recall every client conversation, transaction and text. They deduce clients' overlooked needs and deliver on anticipation with near flawless accuracy. As clients'needs change, our Digital Assistants evolve and grow with them. In fact they will be able to help predict and plan the best options to up-sell and cross-sell products -- from home loans to retirement accounts.

CogniCor's Digital Assistant have generated amazing results:

5 Million+





Policies Sold








in Sales

IDC Innovators: Conversational AI Software Platforms

IDC Innovators are emerging vendors with revenue <$100 million that have demonstrated either a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology — or both.  CogniCor.."

CogniCor named as an IDC Innovator for Conversational AI platforms in 2018
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When rolling out new tech, people and process matter

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