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Enabling Life Goals

AI Copilot For
Wealth Management

"We are looking forward to furthering automation and channel flexibility for advisors using CogniCor’s conversational AI platform"

Tim Hodge, Former Executive Vice President, LPL Financial

LPL Financial enhances service using CogniCor

Freedom to focus
on relationship building

Wealth AI Advisor Copilot

Free yourself from time consuming tasks such as finding and filling out forms manually, managing custodian alerts, scheduling meetings, creating tasks from meeting notes etc.

CogniCor Wealth Advisor's AI Assistant to free from routine tasks and focus on building client relationships

Feel empowered
to delight your Advisors


Home Office AI Copilot

Improve support metrics and CSAT scores with AI assisted prompts, Contextual knowledge, Next Best Actions and Task automation so that you can resolve cases efficiently.

CogniCor Broker Dealer Home Office Assistant. AI Assistant for contact center.

your wealth, your  way


Investor Copilot

Understand your wealth better and perform a variety of actions yourself at your own convenience.

CogniCor AI Assistant for Investors. Self Service, Book Meetings, e-Signature, e-Authorizations, etc.

Backed by Wealth Leaders

Morgan Stanley
Top RIAs - Sequoia Financial, Shufro Rose
Stephen Langlois, President, Kestra Financial,
Ram Nagappan, CIO, BNY Mellon Pershing,
Karl Gouverneur, Former CIO, Northwestern Mutual

AI Models Optimized For Wealth
Based on LLMs and Knowledge Graphs

CogniCor Large Language Models LLMs and Knowedge Graphs for Wealth Management
CogniCor AI Assistant for Financial Advisors



Know Your ROI 

Recover your investment in the first year leveraging industry's best use cases packaged as easy to deploy modules

ROI for Advisor Copilot for Meetings 

How many advisors does your RIA firm have?

For each meeting, the average time spent pre-meeting (Scheduling, Agenda creation)

For each meeting, the average time spent post-meeting (Notes, Case Creation, Client Communication)?








No. of meetings per month per advisor



Potential advisor hours

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