How to choose a virtual agent for your business?

Cognitive Digital Assistants are one of the best digital self-service platforms available today. With the market expected to grow to 3.3 billion in 2020, (as predicted by a report from Tractica) cognitive digital assistants are here to stay, and that also means there are quite a huge number of players offering from a relatively basic text-based assistant to a full- fledged, multimodal digital assistant.

We list out the most important questions you should be asking your Cognitive Digital Assistant service provider.

  • Would your VA understand your customers need?
  • An effortless interaction, a natural human like conversation, quick answers to customer queries, understanding the customer intents are important aspects of a VA. Your service provider should have the best of NLP platforms.

  • Would it understand Customer sentiments and be able to switch to real chat agent when required?
  • Should a switch to real chat agent be required, would the integration be seamless? Customers would always love being answered spontaneously without the pain of being on hold; the switch has to be easy and quick so you are available for your customer 24*7.

  • Would it learn with time and become smarter?
  • As businesses grow, services and knowledge bases grow with time, will your VA learn over time? Would it pick up from chat histories, CRMs and understand user intentions over a period of continuous interaction? Your VA should be able to automatically learn from user feedback and reinforcement of the knowledge base.

  • Would it require a High maintenance effort?
  • How easy is the maintenance going to be after it has been deployed on to your business platform (Website, BPM systems, Agent Facing platforms)? You should always look for VA with the least of maintenance efforts.

  • Would it do anything more than being a smart answering machine?
  • A smart answering machine can be modeled so your customers are answered on a jiffy, but in this competitive world you need more done with the least of the resources. Your VA should be able to answer queries, recommend products (User Asks for camera and the VA understand the customer may be interested in Lenses and hence offers / recommends lenses and packages related), and carry on social dialogue in an engagement model.

Well in short would it be Intelligence Automated?

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