Cutting Edge Features

  • Built over an excellent NLP platform, CIRA. With our Natural language processing capabilities, the Virtual Agent can delivers personalized, effortless, customer service via a human like conversational interface.
  • Goes beyond factual questions to even handle bill based questions, resolve complaints and claims. Hence increases the Overall efficiency of your entire customer care system.
  • Recommends Products and helps you with cross selling. Our Virtual Agent can understand what your customers are looking for and hence suggest best packages and offers them the best suited products and services.
  • Let them experience it so that they buy it. Our Virtual Agent can be the next best Trip Advisor in the city or the Smartest Property Advisor, with the most interactive and friendly UI. Our Virtual Agent can showcase images of the holiday destination or the 3 BHK they are looking for and give them a whole new experience of a superior customer care.
Cutting Edge Features image