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2015 April

24 Apr


Virtual Agents – Redefining the Call Center Experience

April 24, 2015 | By |

With the large number of services we are subscribed to, we quite often come in contact with a call centre experience. Be it your phone connection, broadband connection, dth connection, banking service, insurance service, car service etc. Most of the times we end up waiting in long dreary call queues only to end up reaching an agent who might not be knowledgeable enough to handle our query. Ultimately we end up in the queue again waiting. Finally by the time we get hold of the right agent, we end up taking out our frustration on him/her, ultimately leading to a bitter experience both for the customers and the agent.
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In the evolving landscape of call center experience, organizations have started looking at call
centers as less of cost centers and more as avenues of competitive advantage. A recent survey conducted  showed  that  40%  of  the  respondents  were  not  satisfied  with  the current  level  of service from the call centers they have come in contact with. Another 11% stated that they were extremely dissatisfied with the call center experience they had. These customers said their main expectations from the call centers were
  1. Quick resolution to their problems
  2. Personal and customized interaction with an agent
  3. Speak to a skilled agent
Organizations  can  only  meet  this  expectations  from  the  customers  if  they are equipped to handle the plethora of queries that the customers can pose within the limited time available to
But can they depend solely on the knowledge level of the call center agents Different call center agents have different levels of experience  and thereby different levels of exposure to customer
queries and solutions. Many organizations have tried to alleviate this issue by maintaining a
knowledge base. But quite often then have not been able to ensure that the agent is accessing
the accurate answers nor ensure that they have been able to access it in the shortest possible time.
This  is where the Virtual Agent can revolutionize the way agents access information. Virtual
agent technology identifies the intent of the agents based on natural language processing. This helps to identify what the agent is exactly looking for and provide accurate and quick response. Virtual agents can integrate with the existing CRM solutions feeding the agents with information on the customers, helping him to personalize and customize his answers. With more accurate answers now at the fingertips of the agents even a novice agent can address complex queries which was previously a forte of the skilled agents.
With more than 48% of  customers preferring to use  call  centers over emails to address their queries,  it  is  only  imperative  organizations  partner  with  Virtual  Agent  Solution providers  to ensure the best  customer experience. CogniCor Intelligent Response Assistant (CiRA) is one such partner that organizations have leveraged. Major banks and telecom players  have deployed the CiRA platform at the  customer agent  side to reap the benefits that the platform offers  them.  CiRA  has  helped  these  organizations  increase  their  first  call resolution  rates, reduce  resolution  times,  increasing  the  number  of  calls  handled  per day,  reduce  operational costs  etc  while  at  the  same  time  capturing  insights  from agents  to  optimise  the  business processes. For more information on how CogniCor can partner you in revolutionizing your call center experience please write to us at



14 Apr


CogniCor : Corporates’ favourite Virtual Agent – The Indian Express

April 14, 2015 | By |

The Indian Express, India’s most popular English newspaper features CogniCor’s Virtual Agent in a piece of corporate innovation.


KOCHI: “It may be harder than you think, but at the end it will be a very satisfying and enriching journey. Have a clear-cut vision and don’t underestimate you and your team. Also, focus on your goals, be quick on execution and stay lean cost-wise.” This is the advice that Sindhu Joseph, chief executive officer and co-founder of CogniCor, has to give to young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

 The full article can be seen here

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