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2013 May

01 May


Beyond Call Centers

May 1, 2013 | By |

Customer engagement management has come a long way from the time where people would walk into shops to chat up with the customer care personnel to solve their problem. Then came the 90’s invention of the “call center”. With advances in communication infrastructure, developed countries discovered that cheap labor was in abundance and it was possible to handle customer engagement process remotely and cost effectively.

Current business practices for complaint management are labor intensive and inflexible while customer experiences with unnecessarily long resolution times reinforce negative company perceptions. Further, the business intelligence from complaints is largely underutilized by enterprises all over the world.

Innovation within complaint management has been directed towards social mediamanagement via monitoring and engagement platforms, and frequently asked question automatons to a large extent. The opportunity remained for further integration to ticket management and social media platforms that enabled companies to go further with their categorization and resolution process by including automation.

Cognicor’s solution is two fold in the creation of a Resolution Server and a Personalization Server to address specific issues of pattern and sentiment. Integration with social media platforms and other channels allows for rapid communication with customers, providing touch point amplification. Flexibility in the refund channel by coupon or voucher further allows for personalization opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction categorization and resolution process by including automation.