CIRA. Intelligence Automated

CIRA (Cognicor Intelligent Response Automation) is a cognitive platform (patent pending) based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. It combines the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Learning Algorithms to maintain the successful balance between control and flexibility.

What are Cognitive systems?

Cognitive systems unlike their predecessors are not programmed to behave in a particular fashion but are probabilistic. They display a few important resemblance to humans

Core technology

CIRA’s core capability depends on understanding your customer intention accurately. We take great care in making sure that the CIRA engine captures the intent of the customer query irrespective of how it is asked.

Learning from existing Data sources

CIRA engine is equipped with learning capabilities and has the capacity to get better with time. It can learn from chat logs, policy documents and instruction manuals etc. This results in low maintenance overhead for the enterprise.

What CIRA is NOT ?

Sometimes it helps to understand what CIRA is not in order to see if your company’s requirement could be taken care with a CIRA powered cognitive assistant

Chose your channel

You can deploy a CIRA powered virtual agent in a channel of your preference.

CogniCor VA

Fully Automated Self Service

Integrates easily to your web site Get answers, troubleshoot issues, interact 24X7

Smart Dashboard

Smart dashboard for Agents

Empowering your Call Agents Assist with customer issues on the first call, Resolve issues, claims and queries for the Call Agent

Deployment model

The CIRA engine can be connected to your organization via the cloud or on premise.

CIRA Cloud image

CIRA Cloud

Our hosted instance, fully customizable and branded with your preferences.

CIRA Appliance

CIRA Appliance

On-premise deployment for you to install inside your server environment.

AI´s coming of Age

At CogniCor, we believe that AI supports and empowers humans in doing what they do better, and faster. Contrary to the recent discussions about the use of AI technologies for replacing humans, our belief is that a cognitive system gives a tremendous boost to the customer service both from the organization’s side as well as the customer’s side.