How can a Virtual Agent help?

Technology has been evolving at a rapid pace. Once high end yesterday, is outdated in a year. Keeping up with such rapid technological shifts can be a daunting task, and no one understands the dilemma better than businesses who have to periodically revamp systems. The internet is one such invention where significant strides are being taken in recent times. Since the early 2000’s, the internet has served as a playground for innovation. Whether it be online retail, information dissemination, social networking, public relations, marketing or access to most private and public institutions. Cognicor is among one of those innovators crafting a new technological path in the field of customer relationship management with the intelligent virtual agent and cognitive query resolution.

In customer relationship management (CRM), a virtual agent is a chatterbot program that serves as an online customer service representative for an organization. Because virtual agents have a human appearance and respond appropriately to customer questions, they lend automated interactions a semblance of personal service. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) with a graphical representation, virtual agents are increasingly used in CRM to help people perform tasks such as locating information or placing orders and making reservations. The program learns from the search keywords and adapts to user inquiries, hence increasing the efficacy of cognitive query resolution. It can be beneficial for various industries where customer relationship is the central to business interests. Let us take a look at a few of those industries and what a virtual agent can do for them.

Your Customers are in Safe Hands

Our Cognitive Digital Assistant is customized and is modelled domain specifically to suit your requirements. Our Cognitive Digital Assistant could be your Financial Advisor or the best Trip Manager or your customer’s personalized Property Advisor. Read on to find out more about How CogniCor’s Virtual Assistant help your business.


Give your customers clarity on a certain product, Sell them additional packages, Win them by answering queries 24/7, Give them the personalized attention they require through any touch point.

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Travel and Tourism

A travel website recieves a large volume of users daily. Many of the users have simple queries and some have more specific questions. However, a travel website..

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Real Estate

Real estate like tourism has users seeking out specific results on a website. The virtual assistance plays a handy role in personalizing and filtering choices of homes, location and affordability..

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Insurance can be a tricky market to handle for customer relationship management. Primarily, it requires an acute understanding of customer needs and the future of the particular..

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